Brandon and Annie Barkhuff Family

I know that every teenage boy hates when I ask them to do the "cheek sandwich" pose, but I know in my heart that it will be every mom's favorite picture in the next 10 and 20 years. I am always so pleased that they are good sports and are willing to get really close to their siblings, even though they would rather be a million miles away. I loved how all of these pictures turned out, and can you blame me? What a beautiful family!

Annie is such a sweetheart. We met years ago when I lived in Vegas. Her youngest daughter, Kate, is the same age as my second daughter, Grace. Kate and Grace had such a sweet friendship. In fact, when I returned from doing these sessions and told my daughter that I had seen Kate, she burst into tears and asked why I didn't take her along. She was already sad that I decided not to take them down with me, and now I had officially broken her heart.

I love those sweet friendships that children develop. The innocence and openness they have with all children is something I hope to emulate. I hope that I can be open and receptive to being friends with anyone I come across.

Annie and Brandon seem to be those kinds of people. They were so gracious, kind and trusting. The wind was blowing the day of our session, and it forced me to change locations a few hours before the session. Annie was easy-going and that is something I am always grateful for in my clients. I'm so blessed to be able to work with such wonderful people!