Cody and Aimee Lee Family

You know those friendships, where you just get one another? Where things seem so organic and simply fall into place? My friendship with Aimee is one of those. We both lived in Las Vegas for a time, and Aimee was a gift from heaven to me. There were a lot of times I felt lonely or overwhelmed, and Aimee was the one who would show up with something tasty, or a plant, or just for a visit.

She, like me, yearns for a simple life and puts her heart and soul into her roles as wife and mother. Whenever I have entered her home, I have been struck by the simple elegance and peace I feel there. She is an interior designer and she has a gift with making a space feel warm, inviting, and calm. She and Cody have been on a spectacular journey together, and they have always handled each bump and bruise with grace and patience. I am always amazed by their entrepreneurial endeavors and how hard they work.

Their children are also so polite and sweet. As soon as they saw my kids they were friendly and receptive. They could hardly remember us, from all those years ago, but they didn't hesitate to extend their friendship to my children. Sweet Violet was an angel to my baby girl and tended to her with the sweetest of care. Maxwell and Nixon showed my boys all of their cool toys and shared what they liked most about school and life. I love how easy friendship can be for children. I want to emulate their openness and acceptance.

When I got home, Aimee reached out to see how our trip was and expressed how much she enjoyed our time together. I, too, felt a deep sense of appreciation for our friendship and for the deep and fulfilling conversations we had while we were together. I am so thankful for good friends who show me a higher and holier way of living. Who, even when times get hard, push forward with faith and hope and inspire me to look up and keep progressing. I look forward to the time when we meet again!