Dan and Carolyn Zurcher Family

I was so happy when this cute family wanted to book with me for a second year in a row! Last year, I went to Las Vegas to do some mini sessions and that is where I first met this cute couple and their darling daughter. Carolyn was expecting their baby boy and she was one of the most radiant pregnant women I have ever seen. According to her, pregnancy was really difficult, but I would have never guessed as she was so sweet and seemed to handle pregnancy with true grace.

Something happened during our session last year that also showed me Carolyn's true character. I had every photographer's worst nightmare happen to me. I was so busy shooting pictures, that I failed to keep checking the images on my camera screen and didn't realize that my SD card had become corrupted and their entire session was lost. I didn't realize this had happened until I had driven all the way back home to Utah.

I called Carolyn to break the news and she was so kind and understanding. She didn't make me feel like an idiot. In fact, the opposite happened. She was very accommodating and sweet. She was even willing to give me a second chance, so we rescheduled their session and I drove back down to re-do the photos.

Thankfully, this year we didn't run into the same hurdles and we got some of my very favorite pictures. Their little boy was cracking me up with his big blue eyes and expressive chubby face. I think some of my very favorite images of all time are in this gallery. Their sweet baby girl was also such a delight to work with as well. She is simply darling!

In my heart, I know that if I were neighbors with Dan and Carolyn, I would be one happy camper. They are kind, easy-going, forgiving, and really pleasant to be around. They have such a wonderful family and it was truly my honor to capture a few moments of them and the love they share!