Family Pictures at the Botanical Garden in Grapevine, Texas

I remember it well. It was nearly eight years ago, and Holly and I were pregnant at the same time, I with my second child and first daughter, her with her first child, the sex to be discovered at the birth. From the moment I met her it was apparent that Holly was vibrant, brilliant and hilarious. She grew up in England and came to the United States to be a nanny. While she was here she met Stetson, and a more wonderful couple can't be found.

Even though we haven't seen each other in person since our daughters were a few months old, technology and natural connection made it so wonderful to reconnect. I was able to spend a few days with Holly, Stetson and their family, and I was able to witness behind the scenes the powerful love this family shares. I also fell in love with their adorable kids. They are truly wonderful, kind, funny and brilliant (just like their parents).

It was truly an honor to capture some photos for them while visiting Texas. I had so much fun capturing their sweet smiles and unique personalities. It was even more fulfilling to spend time with good people. I came home to Utah with a heart full to bursting. I will always treasure the memories we created with the Clarks, especially the late night chats. I learned so much from them and went to bed at night wanting to be better, to love more fiercely, to seek more knowledge and understanding, to advocate for my children, and to love and give even more.