Family Pictures at Woods Ranch on Cedar Mountain

I don't have many memories of Skye, but the ones I do have are of her being kind, silly and good to the underclassmen. She was a senior in high school when I was a freshman and we were on the same swim team. She was one of those that was set apart. She took time to connect with everyone on the team; and seeing her with her family reminded me of her unique sense of humor and the way she made me laugh way back when. I also remember meeting her husband Bracken when they were engaged. I was impressed by their friendship and comfort with one another. I didn't feel that they were putting on airs, rather they were being themselves and loved each other all the more for it.

Now, seeing them several years, children, loss, struggles, joys and journeys later, I was almost giddy when I saw the way they looked at each other and laughed with one another. They had me laughing throughout the session and it set me to thinking about the importance of laughter in a relationship. I can tell that this family does a lot of laughing together, and it has forged connections that will last throughout their lifetimes and beyond.

I hope that I can remember to laugh more. To let the little things go. To enjoy the moment and give my family and friends the grace they all deserve. I hope that I can be better, love deeper, connect more often and make more time for play. Life is too hard to take so seriously.

Part of the reason I enjoy taking photos so much is because I am reminded of the power and magic of family love. It's transformative and restorative. I always come home wanting to experience the love that I capture with a lens. I want to be authentically in love with my family in front of a camera and behind the scenes. I get the feeling that this family does just that!