Kevin and Tami Rasmussen Family

I have one word for this family and it's "electric!" There was so much fun energy throughout this session that it was very fun for me to work with these incredible people. I saw kids laughing and playing left and right and we got some great genuine smiles out of all of the interaction.

I met Tami a few months ago at a dinner for homeschool moms. She was so easy and fun to talk to. In our short conversation I felt like I learned so much. Her family moved to southern Utah not too long ago, and I'm happy that another strong and patriotic family has joined our ranks. It's always nice to feel less alone when it comes to rearing and homeschooling my children.

Something I also admire about Tami is her passion. She is a fierce advocate for her children and she tells it to you straight. I really like people who are direct and straight forward, who don't mince words or sugar coat things. I appreciate honesty and a strong opinion. I think it's important to have those traits in our current world.

We are battling so many different things in our evolving culture, and I have full confidence that Kevin and Tami will teach their children good principles; and through that teaching, help to shape their children into wonderful human beings. I mean, they are already off to a great start. Their children are kind, helpful, funny and obviously love one another. It was almost impossible for me to even narrow down their gallery because there were so many wonderful pictures of them interacting and enjoying one another.

I will remember this session for a long time. It was truly a pleasure to work with everyone and I couldn't help but smile as I edited each and every picture. They are such a beautiful family and I'm honored that I was able to capture some of their beauty and joy.