Mark and Amy Johnson Family

Mark and Amy have one of the most remarkable families I have ever worked with! Right at the start of the session, I knew we were going to have some beautiful pictures, not just because the light was gorgeous and the location was stunning (and not to mention less windy than our previously determined location), but because this family has such a pure, deep love for one another.

Sometimes I find myself feeling a bit rushed to get all of the poses into a session that I want, but throughout our hour together I felt one feeling, peace. There is a peace within this family. It's somewhat hard to describe, but it's almost tangible. You can tell that Mark and Amy have a good love and that their love has reached through each of their children and captured their hearts.

The children adore one another and were happy to be close to one another. It felt to me that everyone is seen and loved and knows where they fit into the family unit. Because they know their identity within the family, they have confidence in who they are as an individual.

The moment I came home from this session I described to my children the feelings I had while working with the Johnson family. I told them how I pray every day to have this very feeling amongst our family when we are 10, 20 and 30 years down the road. I told them this is why we work so hard now to develop strong and loving relationships. I came home with a clearer vision of what I want my family to be like throughout the years and I hope I can open my children's eyes to the same vision.

I am always so honored to work with good people who exude goodness and light, who inspire me to be better, even in just a few moments together. I hope I can work with this family again and again! They are the cream of the crop!