Couples Session in Red Sand Dunes

Here's a little bit of a confession.....I still have imposter syndrome sometimes. Most of the time, the night before a session I struggle to fall asleep because I have anxiety about my upcoming shoot. I run through poses, instructions, camera settings, and timing over and over. I sometimes even have dreams throughout the night that I show up late to the session or that the sun set an hour earlier than I thought it would.

But this session.....

This session.

I had good dreams about this one. I went to sleep thinking of Mason and Adison and how sweet they are. I also thought of how beautiful they are. I had a feeling that this session would be a good dream. And I was absolutely right!

I had so much fun working with these two! They are so good and kind to each other. I loved hearing their story and learning more about them. They both exude goodness and light and I came away from this session glowing. I love what I do!