Steven and Suzanne Lewis Family at White Rocks in Snow Canyon, Utah

Once upon a time, a wonderful girl moved to my hometown. She was smart, funny, talented, musically gifted and just plain sweet. She became friends with a cute boy, who was also smart, funny, talented, musically gifted and very kind. Fast forward a few years and that boy decided to wisen up and marry that girl, and goodness, am I so thankful!

That wonderful boy happens to be my big brother. Steve was and is truly the best brother a girl could ask for. He was always so good to me and we've had a close relationship through our growing up years. I always knew he would make a girl very happy one day. And the girl very deserving of that happiness is Suzanne. Suzanne befriended me when I was an awkward 14-year-old and I have very fond memories of cruising down Main Street in her father's Ford Mustang Convertible and laughing late into the night.

And look at them, 11 years later with four of the cutest kids ever. Steve and Suz are such wonderful parents. I always knew they would be. Their kids are bright, energetic, funny and I really love them. Something that struck me during this session, is just how much easier it is to enjoy these cuties, when I'm not distracted by my own children. It's fun to see them in a different environment and just with their own family.

I love that I get to take pictures of my family! Steve and Suz are dearer to me every day. Steve still looks out for me and updates me on the latest music artist that he is liking (who I inevitably end up loving as well). Suz is in the trenches on the child-rearing front with me and I always know that I have a friend to turn to when I need to commiserate or celebrate a win. I sure love them and these photos!