Bert and Angie Lewis Family at Inlet Park, Saratoga Springs, Utah

I had the pleasure of traveling to Utah Valley to do some photo sessions. I primarily came up for Bert and Angie's family, and I am so glad I did! Bert is my cousin (and one of my favorites, at that). He married an incredible, smart and stunning woman and they have great sons.

Two of the boys had just finished a volleyball tournament, and I know that there was a little bit of stress with timing, but we were able to get a lot of nice shots with the whole family. I kept thinking how beautiful Angie is and how great of a boy-mom she is. I think it takes a really special type of woman to be able to navigate having all boys, but I could tell that all of her sons love her deeply and that she is doing a great job.

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Bert and hearing about their lives. He is so quick-witted and funny. I laughed a lot during our conversation. He reminds me of my Uncle Bob. Bob was always so kind, witty, and had a big smile on his face. It was a pleasure to see him because he made me feel loved and welcome, plus he had some great stories to make me laugh. Bert and Angie both extend the same kindness, and I am so lucky to have them as my family.