Family Pictures in Green Canyon, Logan, Utah

I must have done something good to be able to spend time with this incredible family. Jerika and I have been friends since childhood. I even remember asking her mom if she had a basketball in her belly when Jerika was in the womb. We did family trips together to Navajo Lake in Southern Utah, and even travelled to the beach in California.

One of the things I love the most about seeing my childhood friends as mothers is that they inspire and uplift me so much. I love to be able to see who we were when we were young and who we are becoming. Motherhood is the most beautiful and refining experience and it is an honor to see my dear friends filling and serving in that role.

I stayed with Jerika for a couple of days and I have seen how she wears motherhood with so much grace. She and I are kindred spirits. We view motherhood and parenthood in the same light, and I came away from our time together wanting to be better, to love more deeply, to be more patient, and to laugh more fully.

Jerrin builds custom homes (which are incredibly beautiful, by the way). When he feels stressed about a certain aspect of the build, Jerika told me that she prays to know how to help and serve him and asks Jerrin what she can do do help lighten his load. What a beautiful example of companionship! That example means a lot to me and I have been trying to implement it more in my life with my spouse.

The joy and love you see in these photos is real, deep and authentic. Not only did I witness this love behind the camera, but I also saw it by observing my dear friend throughout the day. I am excited to see what new adventures await this family and hope I can continue to capture memories for them throughout the years!