Haynie Family-Part 1-Justin and Saryn

I had the pleasure of doing a large extended family session and normally I would make one post for the entire family, but I simply couldn't do that with the Haynie's. I wanted to give some individual attention to these wonderful people. You see, they were like a second family to me while in high school, and our friendships have lasted over the years.

Today's post features Saryn and her adorable family. Saryn is a remarkable woman. She has always had a calm and kind demeanor. She is funny, smart, articulate and a spiritual giant. She is someone who strives to follow the Spirit. She is someone who chose an excellent partner and has become a great mother.

It is so fun for me to see my childhood friends become adults. I always knew that Saryn would have a beautiful life and be with beautiful people, Her husband Justin is so kind and seems to be a great fit for her. I love seeing people in love, and Justin and Saryn have the best kind of love. Their children will be richly blessed having them as parents.

Every person in the Haynie family has had an impact on me. I will share more on that with my next post, so feel free to follow along!