Haynie Family in Washington Green Fields, Part 2

I am the youngest in my family, and by a few years. Both of my sisters were married and out of the house by the time I was 14, and shortly after that my brother left on his mission, then college. I was the only one home during my high school years (with exception of my amazing Aunt Eileen, who had Down syndrome).

I am an extrovert and love talking and being around people. I became friends with Brianna Haynie as a freshman, in percussion class. She was so bright and fun and I loved spending time with her. She invited me to her home one day to hang out. Little did I know that the Haynie home was where everyone wanted to hang out.

Harold and Sherrie created an environment in their home that made every teen want to be there. They hosted karaoke parties and large gatherings where anyone and everyone was invited. I fell in love with the entire family. They all shared a love and camaraderie and that I have never experienced before. The older children were best friends with the younger. There was no contention (that I saw) and the home was filled with so much love.

Years later, I asked Harold what the secret was to having a close knit family. He said "It's no secret. We pray morning and night, do Family Home Evening, and spend quality time together." I have truly tried to apply that to my life now, and I can honestly say, that part of the reason why I wanted to have a large family was due to the love and friendship I found within the Haynie family.

There are some people who just have a large place in your heart. The Haynie family has a huge place in my heart. Harold and Sherrie loved me like their own. I hope to be more like them, and I pray that when my family gathers for a family reunion in 20 years that it can be as happy and joyous as this photo session was.

I have so many more thoughts and feelings in my heart regarding this family, but sometimes words cannot express the deep love and appreciation I have for them. They helped shape who I am today and I am eternally grateful that I have so many friends within this family; friends that I know I could turn to at any moment. May the Lord continue to bless this incredible family!