Lily's Senior Session in Lehi, Utah

18 years ago I graduated from high school. I had actually finished all of my requirements a semester early, and attended a semester at college, but chose to walk for my graduation because my mother wanted me to. It ended up being quite comical, because on the very day I was walking for my graduation, my oldest sister went into labor with her second child and first girl, Lily.

That's right, this beautiful young woman was born on the day I graduated nearly 18 years ago. My mother was stressed throughout my commencement and as soon as it was finished she hopped in the car and drove north in an attempt to make it in time for the delivery. She did make it in time, and I went home, happy to be finished with my High School phase and excited to meet my new niece, when I had the chance.

It's hard to believe that now is Lily's time to graduate, spread her wings, and set off on a new adventure. She was a baby just a second ago, and now she is a mature, vibrant, and kind young woman ready for her life to truly begin. I have had the pleasure of spending some one-on-one time with her over the past few years, and I am so impressed with who she has become. She is a gentle and sweet soul. I have a feeling that she will bless many lives throughout her life, and I am excited to see where life takes her.