Senior Pictures in the Wildflowers of Montana

You know how sometimes the stars just align? I was on a road trip with my husband and 6 children and we made our way up to West Yellowstone, Montana. My sister also happened to be there with her extended family for a reunion. Naturally, I wanted to pop in and say hello as we were driving past their cabin to get to ours. Lo and behold, my sister's niece Lucy wanted to have her senior pictures done in the wildflowers near her cabin. I was all too happy to accommodate!

I showed up at our appointed time, and was nervous that the cloud cover and rain would inhibit the session, but the rain let up right before we started, and there was just a fresh glow everywhere around us. And oh! The WILDFLOWERS! What a dream (minus the mosquitos that ate us alive)! It was worth all the bug bites to get these gorgeous images of this wonderful girl!

The crazy thing is, I have known her since she was a little baby! How does time pass so quickly? In one minute, I'm a senior in high school visiting my sister and meeting her brand new niece, Lucy, and the next moment I'm married, have 6 children and am photographing that very same Lucy right before she enters her final year of high school.

Despite my amazement at the passing of time, I'm amazed at the youth these days. They are vibrant, kind, energetic and ready to do great things in this world. Also, is it just me, or do the seniors these days just have it together in front of the camera?!?! I wish I had been as comfortable and natural in my own skin when I was 17 and my adult life was just about to begin!