Senior Pictures at Woods Ranch on Cedar Mountain

There is a gentleness and grace about her. She is soft-spoken, and yet her calm demeanor encourages you to lean in a little closer because you know that you want to hear what she has to say. She is bright, hard-working, talented and passionate about her life and her family.

Paisley just started her senior year and she is one of those girls that I know will make an impact on the world. She plays volleyball and does track, amongst other things. I wish I could see her play volleyball! I'm sure she's incredible and far surpasses me when I played in high school. I also believe that she is what I like to call a "good sport." She enjoys the sports she participates in and can appreciate the talent that she is facing when playing a good team. She doesn't get so lost in the competition that she compromises her character and integrity, and she is willing to let the opposing team know what they did well.

Sometimes, I get overwhelmed when I think of raising my own children in this world. I fear that the battles that they will have to face will seem impossible; but when I get to know people like Paisley, I can't but help to be filled with hope. I do believe that this current generation was prepared to live in our day and that they have strength within them that I can only imagine having. They are going to do things in ways that my generation and those who came before me would never think up. They are going to fill this dark world with the light we all need.

I am excited to see where Paisley's road takes her. I have no doubt that she will be incredible as she faces the journey that awaits her.