The Pemberton Family

He's wiping the grease from his hands and smiling that big, warm smile. He has just taught my husband how to change brake pads, because that is who he is: the one who helps, the one who shows up, the one who loves you and your kids like family. This is one of my favorite memories of James. He was our neighbor when we lived in Las Vegas, and we truly couldn't have asked for a better neighbor. This man exudes so much goodness and light that it's almost too easy to be around him.

When James asked me to do his family pictures, I was over the moon. He and his boys served our family often. We shared Shabbat dinner with our friends the Alon's, enjoyed family barbecues, and, probably best of all, James introduced me to smoked bacon. He (and the bacon) changed our family forever, so to have a chance to see him again and to finally meet the rest of his children and grandchildren (whom he was always glowing about) was a true honor. Of course, I was not disappointed.

The moment we arrived at our first spot to shoot, I heard a few people sigh with delight. They new a beautiful place when they saw it, and to have my clients appreciate the location was the best way to start the session. The location was beautiful and the light was perfect, but most of all, this family was spectacular! Their love and connection were tangible. It was so easy to capture their genuine love and camaraderie.

Before I knew it, the session was over and I felt so much peace from being around these people who are just good! I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to spend time with incredible clients and to get to know their families. It changes me for the better.

Happy birthday James! Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer! I hope that the next 50 years continue to bless you and give you all that you deserve and more!