David and Brooke Matheson Family

There is a sweetness in this family that I really admire. I met them last year for the first time, and Brooke and David just seemed like some of the nicest people and this year I had the very same impression. Their kids are very polite and engaging. I enjoyed catching up a little bit on what has happened in their lives over the past year.

One thing that really impressed me, was a brief moment when their son photo bombed a couples photo. He was beaming and so happy to be next to his parents. It was refreshing to see a youth wanting to be near his parents. That showed me that they truly have a loving family behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

I'm so thankful David and Brooke returned for a second year. Their session was so enjoyable and easy-going. I know that the wind was a bit tricky to deal with, but if anyone can rock Beyonce hair, it's Brooke. I mean, can you even get enough of her gorgeous red locks? She is simply stunning and so is the rest of her family. It was truly my pleasure to work with all of them.